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Silver Minings: CBS gives Raiders ‘A’ in free agency

Silver and Black getting love

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Chandler Jones
Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images

Now that some dust has settled and more details have come out about the Las Vegas Raiders’ recent moves in free agency, more and more people are weighing in on them.

While the reviews are somewhat mixed, CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin is a big fan of the Raiders’ transactions. Benjamin only gave out a four ‘A’ grades — two or three teams did get ‘A-’s’ — and Las Vegas was one of them.

“Apparently, they are all in on Derek Carr and an immediate title run,” writes Benjamin. “Adams is the biggest addition, by far, and suddenly elevates the Vegas offense from “probably good” to “probably dangerous,” with No. 17 joining Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow in silver and black. Jones, meanwhile, gives them an elite one-two punch off the edge opposite Maxx Crosby.”

The bad news is two of the other three ‘A-teams’ also play in the AFC West...

Here’s what Benjamin had to say about the Los Angeles Chargers:

It’s very possible they overpaid for [J.C.] Jackson at corner (5 years, $82.5 million), but at the same time, they are absolutely right to go all in on their opening window with Justin Herbert at QB. Their defense already looks much better on paper, and retaining Williams out wide was huge.

And the Denver Broncos, his other ‘A-team’:

It’s hard to give them anything but an “A” this offseason, because, well, Russell Wilson. They promised to be aggressive at QB, and they delivered. [D.J.] Jones is their next-best addition, giving an already-solid defense an ascending big man on the interior. They may well have overpaid for [Randy] Gregory (5 years, $70 million), but he at least brings long-term upside opposite Bradley Chubb.

Even the Kansas City Chiefs got a decent grade from the writer, filling out the report card with a ‘B-’.

Adding Reid signaled the end of the Tyrann Mathieu era, but it’s a decent long-term gamble. Let’s see how they handle the D-line beyond restructuring Frank Clark’s deal. Judging by AFC West standards, they’ve had a very quiet offseason.

The division was tough last year with three out of four teams finishing above .500 and the Broncos rounding things out at 7-10, which was the second-best last-place record behind the 8-9 Ravens and Browns. However, this year it looks like the AFC West will be an absolute dog fight where all four teams will have a chance to make the playoffs. Then again, it could be too competitive and the teams start eliminating each other.

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