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Silver Minings: Cory Littleton signs with the Panthers

Former Raiders linebacker finds a new home

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The praise was all over the football landscape when the Las Vegas Raiders signed Cory Littleton before the 2020 season. Pro Football Focus said the Raiders had the best linebacker corps after the signing.

The results on the field didn't match the expectations, however. Littleton's struggles as a Raider are well documented, with no interceptions while wearing the Silver and Black. He decided he couldn't tackle anymore when he joined the Raiders with plenty of missed tackles you didn't see with the Los Angeles Rams.

The new front office didn't think Littleton added much to their plans. He was let go by the team before the start of free agency. The Carolina Panthers think they can get the best out of his potential. They signed the former Raider to a contract on Sunday.

Littleton now gets an opportunity to display his skill set. Hopefully, he can bounce back and continue a promising career for an undrafted player.

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