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Davante Adams is a Raider: ‘I guess it was meant to be’

New star receiver hits home run in presser

NFL: NFC Divisional Round-San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers
Davante Adams
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

New Las Vegas Raiders superstar wide receiver Davante Adams was introduced to the media on Tuesday and he showed why he is a star off the field as well.

Adams, a media favorite in Green Bay, was acquired last week for 2022 first and second-round draft.

Let’s look at some highlights from Adams’ press conference, which he completely owned:

On the timing of the trade from Green Bay to Las Vegas:

“It started to become more of a reality I think after the season obviously. It was something that we didn’t even entertain during the season because we both had to focus on trying to win a Super Bowl. Obviously, that was No. 1, but once we wrapped up the season, started communicating a little bit. Still didn’t really fully dive into it because we kind of wanted to decompress from the season, allow each other to put our thinking caps on a little bit and see where we were, and then things progressed a little bit more. We communicate multiple times a week as it is, aside from even trying to team up. So, once we got to a point where it was it was something that could be realistic now, it’s not just a thought, we started trying to put a little bit of plan together. Obviously, I was still going back with Green Bay at that point and still weighing my options, but I think we got to a point where I felt like it was a good move for us. Obviously, I was traded, so it wasn’t just strictly on us. I grew up in East Palo Alto. I was a Raiders fan my whole life, so it is a dream to be a Raider, man. It’s a dream come true. In the third-grade yearbook, I said I wanted to be an NFL star or NBA star, and I was wearing a Charles Woodson jersey at the time. It’s been documented forever, so I guess you could say it was meant to be.”

Why he wanted out of Green Bay:

“I mean the turning point was really when I had to sit down and figure out what was best for me and my family. It wasn’t really just the teaming up with Derek. Like I said, we didn’t scheme this all offseason or whatever. We just kind of checked in on each other football wise. I mean we check in on each other all the time about family and the real stuff. But as far as football and getting together, you’re not being a great teammate to your current organization if that’s all you worried about. He had to worry about getting the ball to Hunter [Renfrow] and Darren [Waller] and those guys and being a great teammate over here. And I had to do what I could to try to get to a Super Bowl, and obviously that didn’t have it for either of us, so once we got to the point where it was it was real, we started entertaining it. Ultimately it was just for my family situation. I got another baby on the way, so quality of life obviously is another piece of it that means a lot to me. And I have a lot of family in California that’s never been to see me play before. Grandparents. My grandmother wasn’t doing well, she was in the hospital recently. So, just kind of reflecting and thinking about life things and stuff that really matters in this world. That’s stuff that matters to me. That’s stuff that’s weighing on my mind when there’s a decision to be made. Do I want to be able to go through my whole career without having either of my grandparents on either side see me play? And I didn’t like that. So, obviously being in Vegas, it gives them a much better opportunity. My dad drives everywhere, so he’ll be able to make that happen. It’s a little harder to drive to Green Bay. So, yeah man, it’s a dream come true to be able to do this thing and ultimately get it done.”

On having Edgar Bennett as his position coach again:

“Well, E.B. was one of the first people that I saw when I walked in here when I came to sign a few days ago, and first thing I let him know, I said, man, you got to ease up on the test. That’s the first thing I said to him, and he started dying laughing. E.B. has a lot to do with who I am today, just from the mental aspect of approaching the game because, I mean, this man used to put together some of the most impossible wide receiver tests to pass ever. I mean it was it was almost like it was being set up. It wasn’t fun. But when I look back on it now, the way I look at the game, the way I can dissect the game, knowing coverages and things like that, E.B. had a lot to do with that. So, it’s a great feeling being able to get him back. He looks great, too. Lost a lot of weight. And so, I was happy for him. He’s a is a big piece of who I am.”

On all the weapons the Raiders have:

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it will play both ways. It’ll definitely help me. I mean, you can kind of pick your poison. I was just talking to Josh [McDaniels]. I said you kind of run into the situation that the Chiefs have now, it’s like who you’re going to double? Are you going to double Tyreek [Hill]? Well, 200 (yards) going to [Travis] Kelce. You going to double Kelce? Then you already know how that’s going to go on Tyreek’s end. So, pick your poison and it’ll be anybody’s day. I’m a secure wide receiver, so at the end of day, I know what I bring. I told Derek, don’t feel any pressure to force me to ball or nothing. We don’t have to try to please the media, please anybody. Let’s just go out there and do this thing like how we did before. I mean, put together a pretty good resume in college together. This ain’t college, but we still got that connection so looking forward to putting it on display.”

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders
Derek Carr, Davante Adams
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On growing up a Raiders fan:

“Obviously, there’s a couple of guys that stopped through here later in their career, Randy [Moss] and Jerry [Rice], who they didn’t necessarily establish themselves in league while being with the Raiders, but those are two guys who I obviously watched. I mean those are some of the founding fathers for me. It was more than just more than just receivers. It was obviously C-Wood [Charles Woodson]. Tim Brown was a was a big inspiration. My whole family was Raider fans, so I knew a lot about the history since I was young too. Just growing up, honestly, all Raiders, anything Raiders was what I was about. I had a Tim Brown jersey, C-Wood, those got worn until the numbers fell off. Rich Gannon, I mean everything. So, I’m just looking forward to coming in and trying to leave my footprints as well as I can.”

His message to Raider Nation:

“I’m here. It’s real. I’ve been seeing some of the reactions. I saw some live reactions from a couple of people, a couple local podcasts and stuff like that, some video podcasts where people were reporting some Raider stuff. And then I saw one of the guys on there, me and my buddy were watching it yesterday. They probably think that I would see it and not care, but that stuff means a lot just seeing how people react to that type of stuff. Obviously, I’m excited. I know the team is excited, but to see the community and the rest of the world. I was out golfing yesterday and there’s some Raider fans on the course and they were just losing it. Like different than if it was two weeks ago. I don’t know. They see me for the Packers and they’re excited but being back home and a lot of people in Cali are obviously Raider fans as well. So, it’s real. I’m excited. I’m ready to get to work and do this thing.”