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Silver Minings: Nate Hobbs was atop league as slot cornerback

What an impressive rookie season

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Nate Hobbs
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Recently, Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels indicated that the team will give second-year player Nate Hobbs the chance to play every cornerback position in 2022.

Of course, that’s interesting, but here’s the thing: Hobbs was really, really good as a slot cornerback as a rookie. The 2021 fifth-round pick from Illinois was Pro Football Focus’ highest graded cornerback with, at least, 100 snaps in the slot last season.

So, while broadening Hobbs’ role is intriguing for sure, the idea of him staying as a nickel cornerback and dominating there is also a strong option for McDaniels and new Las Vegas defensive coordinator Patrick Graham.

It may be one of those if-it’s-not-broke,-don’t-fix-it deals.

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