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Fans approve of Derek Carr contract

It’s a landslide victory

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
Derek Carr
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

We’ve all chuckled at the old ‘nine out of 10 dentists prefer’ commercials over years.

And that’s exactly the situation we have here in our latest Las Vegas Raiders’ poll results. Right after the Raiders gave quarterback Derek Carr a three-year contract extension last week, we asked our community members their thoughts on the Raiders extending Carr through the 2025 season.

And the community spoke loudly. In a poll in which nearly 2,300 votes were tallied, 90 percent of the voters expressed they are in favor of the Carr extension with just 10 percent of the voters objecting to the new deal.

Yes, Raider Nation, nine out of 10 Raiders fans are in favor of Derek Carr.

One one hand, I’m a bit surprised the vote was that lopsided because we all know how polarizing Carr is in this community. Yet, because the way the contract is structured, there’s not much to dislike about it.

Now, let’s wait to see after Week 1 of the 2022 season and we will revisit things. Just win, Derek.