'PET DOG' Finally Finds a New House and MORE

Nathan Peterman finally goes somewhere besides us! Sorry, I never, NEVER, saw what Jon Gruden saw in this guy. I for one am glad he's gone. I know we need a veteran QB to backup Car cuz' Nick Mullens and the other guy don't excite me too much.

Anyway, "THE HOUSE THAT GRUDEN BUILT" is slowly going by the wayside. Gruden's footprint is slowly disappearing and I for one am so glad to see it. Don't get me wrong I LOVED Gruden his first time with us and Al made a mistake trading him to Tampa Bay (Cost us a Super Bowl), but He just seemed lost in the new NFL. I'm very happy with the direction of our team and hopefully the NATION is as well.


1. I hope we sign Bradberry, but it will have to be after June 1 (Hope James can wait a couple of weeks).

2. I know the schedule comes out tomm and I hope the NFL is as excited as me for this season which means we should have plenty of PRIMETIME and HOLIDAY games!!!

3. I don't know about you playing Fantasy Football, but for me the RAIDERS have quite a few I think will get drafted- ADAMS, CARR, HUNTER, WALLER, and JACOBS all should get drafted. Oh, I for one love Fantasy Football. Last year I was in 30 leagues (3 live draft and 27 ESPN/YAHOO. I also do at least 10 BEST BALL (already in 5 with YAHOO).

4. This is the longest post I've ever done and I know only about the first paragraph will be read, but oh well it was fun.