Season game predictions

The 2022 schedule is out and it's a good one for the Raiders. It's the 7th toughest based on strength of schedule yet structured quite well for us. No 3 game road trips, no games in London. 2 back-to-back road trips but one is on the west coast and the other in the south bundled together so we can stay out there between games.

I believe the NFL wants the Raiders to have success. Vegas is a huge money maker for them and they're going to give us every shot to stay relevant, whereas the opposite was true in Oakland. We got crapped on with the worst schedules year after year.

Sep 11 @ Los Angeles Chargers - Loss

Essentially another home game. Revenge is in the air after the soul crushing week 18 OT win to boot them out of the playoffs. Remember we could have knelt and tied the game and both teams would have then made the playoffs. We've had all nail biters since they drafted Herbert. Expect that to continue, but we drop this one.

Sep. 18 Arizona Cardinals - Win

Cardinals are without their best weapon and there's a brewing nasty contract dispute with their QB. This team will start slowly with so much drama going on and we cruise to an easy home opener win.

Sep. 25 @ Tennessee Titans - Loss

#1 seed from last years AFC playoffs, 12 win team with a complete roster. It's gonna be hot too. Real humid and hot. That star running back wears us down and we drop another game.

Oct. 2 Denver Broncos - Loss

Everyone in the media has the donkey going far this year. And why wouldn't they? Wilson is a legit HOF'r still in his prime. He has plenty of weapons and a running game. And a top 5 Defense. Our 'young' Defense just doesn't have any answers, yet.

Oct. 10 @ Kansas City Chiefs - Loss

They traded Tyreek for a draft fortune and loaded up with 12 draft picks. PFF gave them an A+ for their selections. They also added plenty of quality FA WRs - they'll be fine without the 'Freak'. The team is still one of the SB favorites. Our Defense won't be able to contain them and the Offense can't keep up.

Oct. 23 Houston Texans - Win

After a much needed bye week to recoup from a gauntlet of brutal games we get a cream pie. This team is tanking for the #1 overall pick in 2023. No let down here in an absolute must-win game to get off the ropes.

Oct. 30 @ New Orleans Saints - Win

The Saints are coached by Dennis Allen and QB'd by INT machine Jameis Winston. Their Defense is still good but that Offense will have trouble. DA might implode this thing which is probably why he's there. Just like when he was in Oakland. Hold the clipboard why we rebuild.

Nov. 6 @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Win

This team should be better but it's the Jags. We've had so many letdowns in the recent past vs s#itty teams but I am hoping McD doesn't let that happen. We sweep our southeast road trip games to win 3 straight and get back in the playoff hunt.

Nov. 13 Indianapolis Colts - Loss

Despite what happened last season in their meltdown, this roster is loaded. Matt Ryan is above average and can manage an Offense. This is a tough game to call but I think we take the L here because of that running game and we're due for a letdown.

Nov. 20 @ Denver Broncos - Win

I'm throwing a W in here because I like the idea of an upset on the road as the underdog, which we surely will be. Our Defense is finally on track by now and we grind one out to get a close low scoring win.

Nov. 27 @ Seattle Seahawks - Win

This team is in a total rebuild but they're doing it right by trading Wilson for cap and draft capital. They'll be competitive and tough as usual - but finish with a top 10 draft pick. Our Defense is feeling it's oats now and we're holding bad teams to under 20 per game.

Dec. 4 Los Angeles Chargers - Win

This one will be hotly contested, the stadium will be packed (with Raider fans, Chargers fans travel?). It's a back and forth in a high scoring affair, but the crowd carries us to another nail biter win at home.

Dec. 8 @ Los Angeles Rams - Loss

We get 2 home games in LA! But we drop them both. This should be majority Raider fans as well but the Rams are loaded and should be firing on all cylinders. I think we lose this one by 2 scores or more because just like vs KC we can't keep up.

Dec. 18 New England Patriots - Win

The classic student vs teacher battle. This one is a tough game to call as we're pretty evenly matched. But I'll lean student here mainly because they have to travel a long way and our Defense should be able to keep it close enough for us to win it with a late FG.

Dec. 24 @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Win

Steelers are in rebuild and will likely be playing a rookie QB by now who should struggle. It's gonna be *cold* though. We lean on Defense and our running game to grind this one out.

Jan. 1 San Francisco 49ers - Win

Whiners at home New Years day in Vegas! If Trey Lance starts this team is gonna be a mess. I got a feeling that's the direction they're going. Sorry, but he's got bust written all over him. He's a poor-mans Colin Kapernick but he can't run as well. And he cost 3 first round draft picks (and a 3rd rounder too). I sense a 6 win season for Santa Clara. And we complete our second 3-game winning streak of the season.

Jan. 8 Kansas City Chiefs - Loss

This will be a huge game with all sorts of playoff implications perhaps even the division title on the line. We give them all they can handle, but they put up a ton of points in the 2nd half and we end up dropping off. The good news is we creep into the playoffs as a WC.

Overall 10-7 - Wild Card

Surely many in here will not like this prediction, but it's realistic. In fact it's generous.

We have a completely new coaching staff, scheme and the Defensive roster has yet another year of massive turnover. We could potentially have 6 or even 7 new starters on that side (or even more). It will take several games for the Defense to get their legs under them, figure out the scheme and who's going to perform.

Offensively, we're pretty much the same roster-wise. Except for Davante Adams, which of course is a *massive* upgrade but he'll be fighting double teams all year. The good news is McD's system should be able to maximize what Carr does well and minimize what he doesn't. It's gonna come down to the OL, running game, and producing TD's in the redzone.

10 wins in the toughest division, by a new staff and overhauled Defense would be a success. Getting a WC win @ Titans or @ Ravens would be even better.