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Silver Minings: Raiders need to stop alarming defensive streak

Stop giving up points

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Syndication: The Record
Patrick Graham

Over the years, the Raiders have trotted out one defensive coordinator after another in an attempt to finally fix that side of the ball.

Of course, it never really worked out. So now enters Patrick Graham as the defensive coordinator of the Las Vegas Raiders.

As pointed out by ESPN, the Raiders are riding a pretty nasty streak on defense. They have ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in scoring defense for 19 years in a row. It’s the longest such streak in the league since 1970.

That’s ugly.

Graham, though, has a great reputation and the Raiders have added several players — led by star pass rusher Chandler Jones — that fit Graham’s system. So maybe this is the year that nasty streaks goes away. If so, with that Raiders’ high-powered offense, we can see a long playoff run in Las Vegas.

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