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Bryan Edwards’ trade signals 3-headed monster for the passing game

The Adams, Renfrow, and Waller show with a sprinkle of RB

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders came out on fire during free agency with the Davante Adams trade. It made the Raiders a team that could be in the mix for the AFC West title if they can put it together.

The wide receiver room became tighter with recently signed Demarcus Robinson and Keenan Cole. That left fans wondering what was happening to Bryan Edwards. The suspense didn't last long as new Las Vegas general manager Dave Ziegler moved to trade Edwards to the Atlanta Falcons.

Edwards started hot last season, displaying worth and big-play potential. He was third in the NFL with 19.5 yards per catch and appeared to be a hit for the old regime. After Week 4, Edwards accumulated 358 yards for the rest of the season, becoming a non-factor in the offense.

Miscommunications between Derek Carr and the former South Carolina Gamecock were apparent on tape and could explain the late move at wide receiver. If this were based on talent, you would hope Josh McDaniels and Ziegler would have handled this during the draft.

What does this mean for the wide receiver position in the future? The Raiders will be a three-headed monster in the passing game with Darren Waller, Davante Adams, and Hunter Renfrow. The fourth wide receiver will be primarily for depth, and a player like Cole fits the bill perfectly.

Renfrow and Waller will be working the slot on passing downs. Expect more 12 personnel than McDaniels usually runs from his Patriots days. This will limit targets automatically for the fourth option. On the outside is Adams, who, of course, will get plenty of his own.

During certain matchups, the running backs will be a part of the passing game. Kenyon Drake and Josh Jacobs could be primary targets vs. an opponent. When you have a young player who is a former third-round pick, it is better to send him to a team that gives him a chance for his talent to shine.

The Edwards trade should have happened earlier this offseason, but it’s better to move quickly if you know it doesn't fit.