LV2022 Freestyle Cypher

Las Vegas Raiders the whole team is grimey

Defense gettin’ picks like Puffy in the 90s

DC throwin -- Adams touchdowns

Corners can’t guard him so what you do now?

The Chiefs ain’t sh*t without Tyreke Hill

The Broncos O-Line gon’ get Russ Wil killed

Chargers are a threat, but we’ll still get the dub

They’re the home team but LV gets the love?

Waller is a baller -- Renfrow’s a beast

Jacobs, Drake, White, FEAST!

Brown and Bolden

Leatherwood’s golden

James and Good but you can’t forget Kolton

Perry in the middle now that’s a scary sight

Maxx on the left, Jones on the right

Cle with the bounce back I’ll put a bill on it

Abram in the box, RB’s they don’t want it

Trevon Moehrig out of TCU

Can process the whole field like a CPU

Carlson the sniper

Cole is the spotter

Sieg with the snaps that make it flow like water

Add Larry O. and we’ll have the best line we got The Rock and Hobbs like it’s F&F 9

Now we need a Shaw

Quarterbacks better think twice about the call or Mullen intercepts the ball

We added Fackrell and Polamalu’s nephew

Vegas hot as hell that’s why Deablo’s gon’ get you

Imma wrap it up and these the last few bars

2022 champions – Raiders go hard!


Bold & Italic = Writing credits to D. Adams

Writing credits to L. Raikers