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NFL draft poll: Revisiting Green Bay trade

What do you think of Adams trade now that picks are in?

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Christian Watson
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Of course, we will not know for a few years how the Green Bay Packers’ cache for the Davante Adams trade will work out.

But, at least, we know know exactly what they got for the their St Patrick’s Day trade of superstar wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders in return for the No. 22 pick in the first round, and the No. 53 pick in the second round.

The Packers took Georgia linebacker Quay Walker at No. 22 in the first round. In the second round, Green Bay packaged No. 53 and No. 39 to trade up to No. 34 with Minnesota to take North Dakota State wide receiver Christian Watson. So, the No. 53 pick was a big piece for the Packers to move nearly back into the first round.

At first glance, it appears Green Bay did well for itself. But, yes, time will tell.

We already know that Adams, 29, is going to be a great player for the Raiders. He’s established and he’s in his prime.

So, as I’ve said since March 17, this was a winning trade for the Raiders. But after seeing the Walker pick and the ability to go get Watson, do you think the Packers (who also saved a big of salary-cap room in the Adams’ trade) did well for themselves in the trade?


Did the Packers do well in the Davante Adams’ trade

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