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Silver Minings: Derek Carr’s salary-cap number is ‘optimal’

Might be a good sign for 2022 success

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
Derek Carr
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s long been considered that manageable quarterback salary is a way to sustain a strong roster in the NFL, and, thus, have an advantage when it comes to be building a competitive overall team.

According to a study by, the 2022 Las Vegas Raiders may be in good shape in that regard. The website looked at the contract of every Super Bowl-winning quarterback in the salary cap era (since 1994) to find the optimal quarterback salary-cap hit.

During 46 percent of that 28-year time span (13 years), the quarterback had the highest cap their on the roster and 75 percent of the time the quarterback was in the top three cap hits. Since 2010, figured the sweep spot for quarterbacks is to be between 10.6-12.3 percent of the total salary cap. Thus, for 2022, the optimal quarterback cap hit is between 22-25.6 million. has figures these five quarterbacks are all in the optimal range in order: Russell Wilson (Broncos) Lamar Jackson (Ravens), Matt Ryan (Colts), Derek Carr (Raiders and Dak Prescott (Cowboys). Carr’s cap hit in 2022 is $19.3 million and eats 9.2 of the Raiders’ cap.

It is no coincidence that all of the above quarterbacks play for teams with high playoff hopes. It will be fun to see it all unfold.

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