Season Opener Starting Line Up Predictions- Offensive Line

If no more OL additions are made this offseason, here is my bold prediction for the starting lineup.

LT: Miller
LG: Parham
C: James
RG: Leatherwood
RT: Munford

Miller: Duh. The only Gruden draft pick to get a 2nd contract with the team.
Parnham: I think he starts, but I do not foresee him starting at center as a rookie since he only played it in the Senior Bowl.
James: He improved down the stretch last year and has at least one year of starting experience.
Leatherwood: The traits are there. Bigtime college experience. Maybe he just needs to be coached up by someone other than Cable.
Munford: In college, he was a much better tackle in 2020 than he was at guard in 2021. Has solid pass blocking; needs to work on his vision for run blocking.


If Leatherwood wins the RT spot:
LT: Miller
LG: Simpson or Good.
C: James
RG: Parham
RT: Leatherwood

The only real discussion here is which vet wins the battle at the guard position opposite Parham. The vet might go to LG so there aren't two youngsters on the same side of the line.

The best part about the OL this year is that there most of the OLmen can play more than 1 position. I'd say Miller, James, and Parker are the only ones without positional versatility.