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Silver Minings: Josh McDaniels has high praise for Chase Garbers

Garbers making waves at OTA’s

USC v California Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders backup quarterback is still up for grabs. The team worked out Colin Kaepernick last week, and as the players in the building battle, it out to be active on Sundays.

Nick Mullins, Jarrett Stidham, and Chase Garbers are the three quarterbacks at camp. The competition seems to be set for Stidham, who has the leg up with familiarity with the offense. However, McDaniels didn't give the most considerable boost of confidence last Thursday.

“Yeah, I mean, anytime you change teams and go somewhere where you’re familiar with that, you can kind of skip a step or two.” McDaniels said, “And Jarret is not coming into a place where the knows the terminology which is a good thing. It doesn't mean the performance is always going to be exactly what it needs to be.”

If that quote doesn't let Raider Nation know that competition is wide open, I don't know what else will. On the other hand, the rookie quarterback out of California, Berkley, has caught the eye of McDaniels.

“I mean, the young kid that just came here after the draft, Chase, is working his butt off. It’s just a slot of stuff. In College football, there’s a lot of this stuff that we ask them to do that they dont necessarily do a lot of. So, he’s poured himself into it. He’s grinding away every day, makes some mistakes, tries to learn from them.

Garbers has familiarity with Erhardt-Perkins working with Bill Musgrave, his college OC. Musgrave doesn't run the same version, but his terminology is similar. It gives Garbers a slight advantage over the average undrafted free agent.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

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