Post Draft 53 man prediction

We had a solid draft with no WTF picks (sans the 7th rounder but that's not a big deal). The roster is pretty much set IMO. There will be a few more FA moves on Defense and competition can change things in camp. But for the most part this is more/less what the roster is going to look like.

Offense (25)

QB (3)
Carr, Mullens, Garbers

Garbers shows enough in camp/preseason to warrant development and be groomed for QB2 in 2023. He's claiming he was the best QB in the Pac-12 last season, he might be right. Minshew 2.0?

OL (9)
Miller, Simpson, James, Parham, Leatherwood, Parker, Eluemenor, Munford, Bar

The demise of Simson, James and Leatherwood is greatly exaggerated. All 3 were starting for the first time last season and all improved as the season wore on. All 3 return as starters. Parham steps in at RG where he finished his career at Memphis. Munford takes over DGood's G/T swing spot. OL room in damn good shape, full of young home-grown talent.

TE (3)
Waller, Moreau, Hollister

They only keep 3 on the active roster here to accommodate more RBs. But they could keep 4 and push one OL or QB to the PS instead. Waller should get a new deal before camp to lock him up for at least 3 more seasons. Moreau should have a big year playing for his next contract, he'll certainly get plenty of opportunity to do so.

RB (5)
Jacobs, Drake, White, Bolden, Johnson (FB)

Crowded, but talented room. Carries will certainly be spread around which is a good thing for all of them. Drake almost counts as another WR, looking forward to seeing what McD does with him. Bolden is a redzone beast. Brown and Ragas stay on the PS.

WR (5)
Adams, Edwards, Renfrow, Robinson, Turner

'Big Play' Tre makes the 53. Adds fresh legs, juice to the group. Edwards needs to have a big year and should with all the talent around him giving him one-on-ones all season.

Defense (25)

DL (6)
Hankins, Nichols, Cle Ferrell, Neil Farrell, Mathews, Bowers

Hank and Neil man the NT while the others rotate through the DE spot. Decent rotation but nothing top-end in here unless the rookies really ball out this year. Will Cle wake up out of his stupor and actually do something? He might do well as that 3-4 '4i' technique. Would really help if he actually showed up this year.

Edge (4)
Crosby, Jones, Koonce, Fackrell

Will be interesting to see how Maxx does in two-point stances, he's certainly athletic enough. The others have plenty of experience doing that, Koonce should thrive in this scheme and Fackrell could be sneaky good as well.

LB (4)
Perryman, Deablo, Kiser, Brown

Feels like we could use an upgrade over Kiser. Not sure how Perryman fits this scheme either. He was a beast last season but wouldn't be surprised if he's traded if we sign Hightower or another vet that fits the scheme better.

S (5)
Moehrig, Abram, Gillespie, Harmon, Leavitt

I see Harmon starting next to Moehrig in 2-deep base. Abram as a nickel 'box' specialist. Leavitt sticks for his ST prowess. Gillespie is the wildcard, but he's a promising player and played in this scheme in college.

CB (6)
Ya-Sin, Averett, Mullens, Hobbs, Phillips, Robertson

This would look alot better with a legit CB1 (Gilmore). Mullens just had another toe surgery so he might start the season on PUP. This is definitely a fluid group that will get some more attention in FA before camp starts.

Special Teams (3)

Carlson (K), Cole (P), Sieg (LS)

No surprises here. Very good group.