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Silver Minings: NFL investigating Dan Ventrelle’s allegations

Raiders are back on the NFL radar

‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign Turns Silver And Black Ahead of 2022 NFL Draft Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

After a season full of turmoil, the Las Vegas Raiders' offseason has been optimistic. The team has a new front office that executed one of the best free agency and drafts Raider Nation has experienced in years.

It didn’t last long as the team announced the departure of team president Dan Ventrelle. It came after Jeremy Aguero resigned as the Raiders’ chief operations and analytics officer. It would be the second president to leave the organization in two years.

Ventrelle released his version of the story to the media. He described a hostile environment specifically for women. He advised he reported it to the NFL, which led to his firing.

The NFL is now reviewing the issue to find the problem and a solution. The Raiders will be in the media spotlight until it is resolved. The NFL’s handling of the situation will let everyone know what will happen in the future.

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