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Silver Minings: Davante Adams has led all NFL receivers in yardage in past 6 seasons

Another reason to love trade

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Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Davante Adams
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We have mentioned several times in the nearly three months since the Las Vegas Raiders made their blockbuster trade for All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams from the Green Bay Packers that there were few, if any downsides, to the trade.

Adams is a complete game changer for the Las Vegas offense and at 29, he’s still in his prime.

He is good at every aspect of his game and is a red-zone hero, which the Raiders’ offense has lacked in recent years.

If we’re not convinced, a recent tweet by Pro Football Focus further illustrates how great of a deal getting Adams was for the Raiders. As the below tweet shows, Adams leads all NFL wide receivers since 2016 in receiving yardage.

He is consistent and again, still in his prime. The Raiders will have Adams for, at least, the next three years and expect him to be at the top of the league in receiver yardage in that time span as well.

Again, there are no downsides to acquiring Adams.

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