Renfrow Extended

News just broke of Hunter Renfrow's extension. Numbers are 2 years 32 million with 9 million at signing. Confirms what most of us believed, that the new money from the post June 1st cuts were ear marked for the extensions. I was sure Renfrow would be getting paid before Waller, because although Waller is underpaid, paying Renfrow 2.6 million this year is criminally underpaid. And Waller has actually made a decent chunk of change over the past few years, where as Renfrow has made like under a million in his 3 years so far. I like this contract. Total price would be about 3 years, 34.6 million essentially. 11.9 million per year is a bargain when you consider what Christian Kirk is getting. Thank you Carr and Maxx for factoring Renfrow in when taking your deals!