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Silver Minings: Derek Carr ranked 2nd in deep attempts last season

Captain Checkdown let it loose

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AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
Derek Carr
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Over the last few years, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been given the ‘Captain Checkdown’ stigma. Fans and some people in the media became frustrated with Carr’s propensity to prioritize short completions over riskier but potential momentum-shifting passes down the field. However, that narrative got flipped on its head last season.

Per Pro Football Focus, the Raiders’ signal-caller had the second-most pass attempts beyond the line of scrimmage in 2021, behind only Tom Brady and ahead of rocket-armed quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

What might make his standing even more impressive is Carr had fewer overall attempts than Brady, Allen and Mahomes, so he was pushing the ball down the field at a higher rate than all three of those elite quarterbacks. For those curious, 12.5 percent of Carr’s throws were 20 or more yards down the field compared to Brady’s 11.4 percent, Allen’s 11.9 and Mahomes’ 10.5.

Las Vegas’ captain also notched 26 ‘big-time throws’ when chucking it deep, according to PFF, which was tied for sixth with Matthew Stafford, another well-known gunslinger.

In fairness to those who grew frustrated with ‘Captain Checkdown’, Carr’s 78 deep attempts were the most he’s had since his rookie season when he threw 71 bombs down the field. But what matters most now is the upcoming campaign, and Carr could set another personal record as Davante Adams ranked tied for fifth among wide receivers with 12 deep catches in 2021.

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