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Silver Minings: NFL analyst high on rookie Matthew Butler

Defensive tackle makes exclusive list

Matthew Butler
Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On the day the Las Vegas Raiders drafted Matthew Butler, I wrote that he was my favorite draft pick by the team.

The defensive tackle taken in the fifth round out of Tennessee has a pro-style game and he was a true leader in the tough SEC. I think he can become an interesting interior pass rusher for the Silver and Black.

I’m not alone in my excitement to see Butler play in the NFL. Recently, sharp ESPN analyst Louis Riddick tweeted a group of 2022 draft picks, mostly mid-and-late round picks, who he thinks can be “major impact” players by their third NFL season or sooner. Butler made Riddick’s cut.

It’s noteworthy because Riddick knows what he’s talking about and he isn’t known for just throwing proclamations around just to say them. If he believes in Butler’s potential, we should pay attention to it.

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