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Raiders poll results: QB in 2023 draft?

A surprise poll winner

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
Derek Carr at 2022 NFL draft
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

You never know what fans are thinking ... until you ask.

We recently ran a poll, now with the 2022 NFL draft well in the books, what is an early position fans think the Las Vegas Raiders may target in the first round of next year’s draft. It’s an impossible task because there are so many unknowns. But there are a few positions that stand out as early possibilities.

Yet, we had a surprise winner — and it wasn’t even close. In a poll in which more than 1,110 votes were tallied, 765 votes (69 percent) voted for quarterback.

Wow. OK.

Raiders starter Derek Carr is just 31 and he just signed a three-year contract. Yes, the Raiders can get out of the deal next year, but that’s not their goal. They want it to work out with Carr.

Yet, next year’s quarterback draft class is supposed to be solid, so maybe the quarterback voters were thinking it would be a good time to draft Carr’s future replacement and stash him for a year or two. Perhaps some voters were just throwing shade at Carr.

Whatever the reason, it was a runaway vote.

Here are the complete voting percentages: QB 69, Tackle 10, CB 9, LB 6, DT 2, WR 1, G 1, S 1. DE 1. Running back, tight end and center all tallied zero percent. My early guess would be tackle because I think the Raiders’ offensive line is still a work in progress. But, really, it’s a mystery.