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Josh McDaniels knows what he has in Darren Waller

Star tight end can be even more special in this system

Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Darren Waller
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This week, Las Vegas Raiders star tight end Darren Waller revealed that his offseason watching list has included viewing “vintage Gronk.”

Waller said he has been studying the play of future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski during his prime while playing under New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Waller marveled at watching Gronk romp down the field and causing havoc. Waller knows his possibilities are endless in McDaniels’ offense, starting this season in Las Vegas.

The feeling is mutual. During this week’s mandatory minicamp, McDaniels expressed just how excited he is to have Waller as part of his Raiders’ offensive attack.

“Darren, he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do and more,” McDaniels said. “He’s obviously a good player. We love having him here. It’s really a pleasure to coach the guy. He comes with a great attitude and mindset every day. Works really hard. Here early, stays late, does extra, takes care of his body. Does a lot of the things that you would want any player to do, and obviously he’s been productive with his opportunity. So, love having him here and looking forward to coaching him.”

As Waller told our Matt Holder in a Silver and Black Pride podcast last week, it is important to him to be present this offseason despite the fact that his contract needs to be adjusted. Waller has two years left on his current contract and he is woefully underpaid. Still, he is bent on producing for the Raiders this season and he knows just how good he can be in it.

So, while the addition of superstar receiver Davante Adams is getting all the headlines, the idea of Waller having a Gronk-like role in McDaniels offense is equally as enticing.