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Raiders poll results: Love for Lester Hayes

Many fans think he’s best non-HoFer Raider of all time

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders
Lester Hayes
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

We recently ran a fun poll for members of this community asking them who they think is the greatest Raider of all time who is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

We had almost 1,100 votes in the poll with 26 choices. In the end, former Raiders’ great cornerback Lester Hayes won in a runaway with 33 percent of the vote. Quarterback Jim Plunkett and running back Bo Jackson tied for second place with 15 percent of the vote, while former safety Jack Tatum received 10 percent of the vote. In all, 23 players received votes.

This was the criteria: We only listed players who have been voted to at least one Pro Bowl as a Raider. But not every Raiders’ non-Hall of Famer who has been to the Pro Bowl, though, was listed. That list would be too long. I also didn’t list anyone who is currently playing the NFL because their story is not over yet.

I think the voters nailed this poll that was littered with great choices. Hayes was an elite cornerback. He played for the Raiders for 10 seasons (his entire career), spanning 1977-86, was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1980. He made five straight Pro Bowl teams and he won two Super Bowl rings. Plus, he’s an awesome dude.

Great pick and yes, Lester the Molester was great at getting picks.