Training camp battles

Training camp starts in 6 days, one week earlier than most teams due to participation in the HOF game. It's a nice advantage for us considering turnover in coaching, system and most of the Defensive roster. That extra week and the game itself is going to come in handy. Let's take a look at potential positional battles.


Definitely a battle for #2. Mullen is a better QB than Stidham, but the latter knows the system very well and is a coach favorite. Mullen does have $2M salary with $1M in guarantees vs Stidhams unguaranteed $925K so there's that to consider. Chase Garbers is an intriguing rookie camp arm that could work his way into a backup job at some point in his career but for now he's just vying for a practice squad spot.

This should get fairly interesting. Plenty of opportunity for players to move up or down on the depth chart and the 53 man roster. Expect they start with Miller, Simpson, James, Parham, Leatherwood and see where it goes from there. Plenty of players could shake that up. Denzelle Good, Parker, Eluemunor, Cotton, Bars all have experience. And there's the very intriguing rookie T/G Thayer Munford out of Ohio State. And the 6'7 340 UDFA beast Ben Olesani. This is definitely one to watch.

Jacobs was as stud down the stretch and carried us to the WC game. He's the for-sure starter. After that it's wide open. Rookie Zamir White is a very intriguing back that is going to be fun to watch. Is Drake able to participate in camp coming off the broken ankle and where is he at physically? There are rumors of him being on the trade block. McD brought in his workhorse Bolden from NE who will certainly be in the mix. He also brought in Abdullah as well as drafted another intriguing RB in Brittain Brown. Crowded room.

Not much to see here. Really just a battle for #3 between Bowers, Hollister, and Fatheringham. No sense of who has the advantage.

This will be *very* interesting. Other than Adams and Renfrow, it's wide open. A collection of journeymen from other teams none of whom have significant salary guarantee. Cole, Hollins, and Robinson are the 'favorites' to make the squad but there will be plenty of competition from speedster Johnson, FA Veasy and home grown UDFA's Dillon Stoner, DJ Turner and rookie Justin Hall. And there are plenty of good WR's still out there in FA as well.


Outside appears set with Crosby, Chandler as the lock starters, Fackrell and Koonce as rotational backups. Cle Ferrell is a huge question mark. Where does he fit and will he even make the 53? It feels he's on he outside looking in but maybe he can flash some value. As for inside it's much more interesting - for sure starter Bilal Nichols and a battle between the rookies Butler and Farrell vs the old vets Hankins, Butler, holdovers Greene, Vickers, and newly added journeymen Lancaster, VanValenburg, and Bower. It's very crowded and could get more crowded as there are plenty of accomplished DT still on the market and their prices are falling with each day, Suh rumors are heating up again.

Another group with plenty of question marks. Holdovers Perryman and Deablo are expected to start. After that it's a hodge podge of journeymen. Jayon Brown being the most accomplished competing with Young and Kiser. UDFA Darien Butler is undersized but could be a Perryman understudy. Feels like we could add another vet here. D'onta Hightower being a fit, as would others.

Mullen was an expected starter but had cleanup surgery on his foot in May, is he able to go? Ya-Sin and Averett were both signed to play significant roles. Darius Phillips brings alot of experience. Hobbs and Robertson are draft holdovers that could take on bigger roles. Webb and LeBlanc are longshots. Definitely not a strong group as this point so we'll see how it shakes out. Could see us adding a vet here as well.

Moehrig is the only lock. Abrams is playing for his future and will have plenty of competition. Duron Harmon is probably going to take his starting spot. And youngsters Gillespie, Teamer, UDFA rookie Pola-Mao, and Cosby will be fighting for a roster spot. And there's always Dallin Leavitt, who's been here for a few years and always seems to find a way to stick around. Will be interesting to see how this group flushes out.


Overall should be a fun camp to watch with plenty of battles on each side. Hopefully McD will let the press actually cover it and allow more than just pictures of players 'stretching', it's been pathetic of late. But don't hold your breath. The secrecy has only increased in Vegas, which is laughable. They are locking it down more than ever to the detriment of the fans. It provides little to no competitive advantage. Anyway, it's right around the corner.