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Could Raiders follow Chiefs’ plan with Darren Waller?

Star tight end Travis Kelce gets raise; perhaps Waller is next

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders
Travis Kelce
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One star NFL tight end got a pay raise from a badly under-market deal Wednesday. Will the Las Vegas Raiders follow suit and take care of their own underpaid star tight end next?

Their AFC West rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, adjusted the contract of Travis Kelce to give him an immediate raise for this season. The money was moved from the back end of the contract, according to NFL Media.

It would make sense if the Raiders did something similar soon to take care of star tight end Darren Waller. They can make him happy now and then work on a new deal next year. It would be a nice reward for Waller, who has said all the right things and who hasn’t missed a day of work despite being badly underpaid.

Waller has acknowledged his contract situation, but he has also stated many times, he is in Las Vegas to help his teammates win. He could have taken a different approach considering he has seen Las Vegas dole out handsome deals to Chandler Jones, Davante Adams, Maxx Crosby, Derek Carr and Hunter Renfrow this offseason.

Waller is entering the third of a four-year, $29.8 million deal. Kelce is under contract through 2025, but this was the last year with guaranteed money.