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Silver Minings: Raiders’ pre-game experience ranks 11th in the NFL

The Raiders are returning to the glory days of Oakland tailgates

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NFL Pro Bowl
The Raider Nation
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

NFL games are a day-long experience and often, the pre-game moments are as memorable as being at the game itself.

And the Raiders are famous for great game-day experiences ... tailgate parties in Oakland were epic and unforgettable.

As they enter their third year in Las Vegas, the Raiders are trying to build the same experience in Las Vegas. According to a study by, the Raiders’ pre-game experience in Las Vegas is ranked 11th in the NFL. That’s not bad for a team just starting in a city.

The survey is based on location, tailgating, fan sentiment and entertainment around the stadium. Based on these factors, I can see the Raiders’ ranking continue to soar as they settle into Allegiant Stadium.

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