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3 questions with Derek Carr

The Raiders’ QB talks Adams, AFC West and a special friendship

Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Derek Carr
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, NV. — Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr took some time Thursday before his practice round at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament to speak with Silver and Black Pride:

Do you still wake up some days and can’t believe you’re playing with Davante Adams?Carr: Yeah man, it’s pretty crazy. It’s so fun. I think a lot about how we grew up together in college and now we’re together again in the league. Just being with him every day and working out is special and we’re really looking forward to the season. I remember the day it happened. Davante called me and said “(the trade) went through.” I knew there was a chance, but never knew it would happen for sure. It was just a happy day. We talked about this when we both signed our first extensions, but the timing wasn’t right back then and we had to take care of our families. But the time was right now and it happened.

Does it motivate you to be a part of this AFC West quarterback group?
Carr: Oh, absolutely. We want to play against the best. These guys are great. I know I have to raise my game as well. It’s going to be a really tough division and conference as well. But we just need to go out there and get it done, You know me, I’m always excited for the season and this year is going to be great. I’m ready to go.

I know you are friends with Steph Curry from your Oakland days together. How is it to catch up with Steph here?
Carr: It’s always great see Steph. I’ve got to play golf with him and it’s always great catching up with him. I’m so happy for him to win this championship and overcome all the adversity the Warriors did. I’ll always root for Steph.