TOGETHER, Carr Haters & Worshipers Shall Rejoice!

Let's see here:

Waller implies last year's red zone plays weren't well designed because of the play-caller, Gruden. In the same interview Waller pretty much said he should get some jump-balls or routes special for him in the endzone because of size.

Posters start crucifying Grudens "poor, predictable, conservative" play calling.

I bring up that Carr is often described as a cerebral QB due to his ability to audible block schemes, route adjustments, and change the play entirely, etc. Next, I mention the posterchild play of Carr's career. It optimizes the shortcoming's pointed out by his objective "detractors": the final offensive play against the Bungles in the 2021 AFC WC game.

Posters continue to blame Gruden for that play call before it is pointed out that it was Greg Olson calling the it is ALL Olson's fault!

Counter-arguments still maintain that Carr should have had his big boy pants on and audibled into a better play. Then the Carr-Aid drinkers say he can't overpower a GM, the owner, and a coach with a 10 year, $100 million contract.

Wait, the same coach that hasn't been coaching him for months?

Anyhow, the play call stands and Carr throws well short of the goal line on 4th and goal from the 9 yard line with seconds left.

"Carr-Haters": Carr should have at least executed the play better or improvised.
Legally insane Raiders fans: How could Carr execute a poorly called play?

Wait. You mean the very same play-call he could override or check out of pre-snap because he is so damn cerebral?


Like many of us have said: it is never going to be poor Derek's fault.