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Raiders-Patriots joint practice notes

Las Vegas had a nice day when New England came to town

Las Vegas Raiders Hold Joint Practices With New England Patriots
Raiders on Tuesday morning
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders began their most important work of training camp with the first of two joint practice days with the New England Patriots.

The was the first work against another team for many of Las Vegas Raiders’ frontline players and, by all accounts it was a good day.

Let’s look at some highlights:

  • While the Patriots finished strong on both sides of ball, it seemed like the Raiders had the better day overall by accounts of reporters who were in attendance.
  • The Derek Carr-Davante Adams connection stole the day. Both the quarterback and wide receiver were outstanding in their first work against players who wear other helmets. These guys seem ready for Week 1 at the Los Angeles Chargers.
  • Of course, the offensive line in Las Vegas is the big question. New England reportedly did have three sacks, but Carr and Adams were also able to do their magic, which is a good sign. The above tweet is interesting especially with both guard spots and the right tackle job open. The tweet suggests that the Raiders practiced an alignment that we have yet to see in preseason games. While it is interesting, everything is a work in progress with this unit and the Raiders will try a lot of things to find the right mix. We will know the results soon enough, and, yes, I still expect a lineman to be brought in.
  • The Raiders’ defensive line reportedly had a strong day both against the pass and the run. The Patriots’ offense has been a mess all training camp (yes, the Pats miss Josh McDaniels), but this is a good sign from the Las Vegas front.
  • While the competition was fierce, there were no fights on the first day. If the two teams can get through Wednesday’s session without any funny business, it will be a big win for everyone.
  • Raiders pass-rusher Malcolm Koonce reportedly went down during practice, but was able to walk off on his own.
  • No fights, no big injuries, the Carr-Adams show was amazing — sounds like it was a winning day for the Raiders.