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Silver Minings: Kenyan Drake one of the NFL’s fastest players

He’s a blur with the ball in his hand

Cincinnati Bengals v Las Vegas Raiders
Kenyan Drake
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

In 2021, the Las Vegas Raiders made a big free-agent commitment to backup running back Kenyan Drake, giving him a two-year, $11 million deal.

It was considered a luxury addition by then Las Vegas leader Jon Gruden loved Drake. Gruden lauded Drake’s versatility and speed. And a recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp shows that Drake, indeed, is one of the NFL’s fastest players with the ball in his hands:

A 22.11 m.p.h. rate, of course, is blazing fast. Unfortunately for Las Vegas, Drake’s first season as a Raider was cut short when he suffered a season-ending ankle injury in December. He ended with 254 rushing yards on 63 carries and he added 291 yards on 30 receptions.

The new Las Vegas staff loaded up on running backs this offseason, but surely it will find room for Drake’s speed in certain situations this season.

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