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Silver Minings: Raiders fans voted most moodiest after losses

Yes, we know this

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Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders fans
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

These types of lists crack me up.

If you know anything about this community and this fan base, the Raider Nation doesn’t mess around. The fans aren’t in it just for the giggles. This is serious business.

So, it comes as no shock (whatsoever) that the Las Vegas Raiders’ fan base was voted as the most moodiest after losses in the NFL, by the Action Network. In other words, no fan base gets more pissed off than this one after defeats.

As it should be. Why take losses lightly?

The formula for finding the moodiest fans was based largely on negative tweets by fans after their team lost games in 2021. The Action Network found that more than 26 percent of the tweets (that’s all?) were negative after the Raiders’ eight losses last year. Raiders fans were the most pissed after a Week 5 defeat to the Chicago Bears when 30.2 percent of the tweets were negative.

Also, because the Raider Nation is hard to please, Las Vegas fans were voted (behind Tampa Bay) as the moodiest after victories. More than 14 percent of the tweets after the Raiders’ 10 wins were negative.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing. You’re hard to please and that’s what makes the Raider Nation what it is.

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