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Silver Minings: Raiders one of league’s smartest teams

Study shows Las Vegas has some thinkers

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Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the most understated qualities NFL players and teams can have is intelligence.

Indeed, NFL play isn’t all about physical kills, strength, speed and skills. Brains play a factor as well.

And a recent study by shows the Las Vegas Raiders are in a good place when it comes to collective team intelligence. Based on the Wonderlic scores of the roster (the intelligent test routinely have given incoming players to), the Raiders are ranked as the 10th smartest team in the NFL.

The Raiders’ average Wonderlic score is 25.0. The Minnesota Vikings came out as the smartest team in the league with an average Wonderlic score of 28.7.

Will this help take the Raiders where they want to go? Well, it can’t hurt.

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