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Silver Minings: Don’t expect a predictable offense

Josh McDaniels has been unpredictable play caller

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Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Josh McDaniels has long been known as one of the better NFL offensive play callers — and just over a month, we will get to see his bag of tricks as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

One thing to expect is unpredictability when it comes to the Raiders’ offense. Of course, for many teams in the NFL, the fundamental play call on second down (in non unusual circumstances) is to run the ball. But don’t expect the Raiders to stand down from a pass play on second.

This recent below tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp shows the run rate on second down (in the first half of games) after an incomplete pass in 2021. McDaniels’ New England offense ran just a quarter of the time in those instances, which was tied for sixth fewest times.

It’s worth noting that Green Bay was also at 25 percent. Of course, new Raiders’ top wide receiver Davante Adams was part of that offense. So, these are two more reasons to expect the Raiders’ offense to be varied and unpredictable this year.

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