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Silver Minings: Raiders need to break this long streak

Time for a defensive and/or special teams TD

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Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Patrick Graham
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With the Las Vegas Raiders’ starting the 2022 season a day away, there is a nasty little streak they need to focus on breaking this season.

They need to score a touchdown on either defense or special teams. They have gone 40 games without a score on either defense by the special teams dating back to the 2019 season when former safety Erik Harris had an interception return for a touchdown. According to a recent tweet by the Associated Press, the Raiders’ current streak is the second longest in NFL history.

So, that will be a pesky little piece of history for the franchise if they can’t score a touchdown on defense or special teams in the first nine games of the season.

Prediction: Under new defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, the Raiders will score on defense at some point in 2022. Bonus prediction: It will come on a Maxx Crosby fumble return after a sack.

In other Raiders’ news: