Many of y'all are shaking your heads in disgust, throwing your hands up in the air...swearing and screaming so hard that the spit is flying out of your mouths, right?

Put down the Kool Aid with the cherry flavored strychnine, ok?

Three pretty much "must win" games coming up before the bye; Tennessee, Denver and Kansas City.

Getting two wins is good, but taking all three would shut-up the doomsayers.

BUT...if they go 1-4-0 into the bye, then it will be a very long season after all the hype and expectations we all have.

I'm not Nostradamus and I've always said "take my picks and go the other way!" but I'll climb up and go out on the limb to say that going into the bye week the Raiders will be:


That's right fellow Raider fans, they will get on a quality, super-roll and win our hearts back.

The team is Super Bowl bound!

Can I hear an "AMEN!"