Culture Change?

There are maybe 2 or 3 top-tier elite teams in the league, maybe 2 putrid teams, and then there's the rest. We fall under the "rest" category and my problem is it seems like with all of our talent we still have to play a darn near PERFECT game just to win. Other teams can seem to have a bad quarter, bad half, even a bad 3 quarters...(like the Cards yesterday) and seem to pull at a victory. We on the other hand have to play 4 great quarters, less than 2 penalties, no turnovers, and no major injuries just to barely squeak by and get a win. Teams with less talent seem to do more with less. I'm sure we'll turn it around; but these loses like yesterday are underlying issues, not just "we're not good." I think we're talented....but keep in mind we were a few bounces of the ball and dumb opposing coaching from being 6-11 instead of 10-7. I thought the new additions in the front office and on both sides of the ball would make us better but we've regressed the last 2 games. I thought our margin for error would be bigger this's actually smaller than previous years.

I don't question our talent, I question our mental toughness. We don't have "dogs" on this a Ray Lewis in his prime, a vocal leader.....who don't just make speeches or say "it's on me" after every loss. Someone who leads by example in execution. There's talent on this team.......Carr has the arm and athleticism, just not the consistency. Who in the organization is getting in his face and holding him accountable? Case in point.....somebody got in Abram's face and held him accountable and you see the results. Somebody has to have the mental mouth to pull the team together when it's sliding! I hate to bring him up but Tom Brady isn't the fastest QB, most elusive and probably at this point don't have the best arm, but the man has mental toughness. When there's a play to be made he makes it. Even with a garbage line and trash receivers he has that mental "we're not losing today" attitude. I'm waiting for someone on our roster to be "that guy"