Chandler Jones on !! NOTICE !!

After watching Chandler Jones' Arizona homecoming, something is wrong here. Now I must admit I have not watched a ton of his tape prior to his arrival and maybe some of the issues that I've witnessed from him come along with the baggage. THREE major things jump off the film immediately.

1. He is slow off the ball.

2. He loafs on the backside.

& 3. He blows contain responsibilities.

Add to that the fact that he's a surprisingly tentative tackler. And with all of his length I could not believe his ineffectiveness on the short passing game. Lastly, he's LURCHY. Like he doesn't display acceleration/ HUNGAR when trailing ball carriers. I hope Maxx can hit him with some "Come On Bruh" , because this isn't gunna get it done.

I could care less about the sack totals as much as I want to see a bubble around him be a treacherous place for offenses to want to play in and right now it seems to be a preferred zone for our opponents. I am not denouncing the chips and double teams coming his way and that Kyler is almost an anomaly of a challenge but after watching TDLs break down of this dude last year [ ] I did not see the get off issues.

Say what you will about PFF, CJs 51.2 grade is on par with what I'm seeing. Just to be clear thats the lowest score of all the Raiders edge players. Was anybody else surprised that this dude wasn't elected as a captain after being such a sought after free agent? Something is creeping me out with this situation, and I hope that the brass can get this thing fixed immediately.

Let me know your thoughts Raider Nation.