THE DARK SIDE: "Your strength has returned. But the weakness still remains.."

I have to admit, sometimes I feel like Billy Beane on September 18th.

He never wanted to see his players play in person at a specific point in his life..maybe he felt like he occasionally jinxed his team. Let it be known, I currently do NOT have a great record on my birthday. On the same date in 2011, The OAKLAND Raiders went into the locker room at Halftime; leading the Buffalo Bills 21-3….

only to eventually lose 35-38.

History repeats itself and the Raiders still break my Heart now and then, even when they are riding high..

News flash newbs, it will not be the last time. This one was just a little more severe..

I never wanted to leave a stadium so damn fast in my life. Whenever a heartbreak of this magnitude comes my way, I immediately start focusing on the positives until I get in the right head space. God has been good to me all my life. I have a great family, a great love, great friends and good job. I was blessed by seeing the legendary Santana the night before the game. I got a 75 inch TV for my birthday present!!!!

Ahhh, ok now I can re-analyze the game. What was the main problem ? You said it, best #28.

"We gotta work on finishing..That’s across the board," Josh Jacobs insisted.

"From the top down," he said. "The way we practice. The way we prepare." I’d say work on your stamina mostly. This game will never be about a sprint, but a marathon.

It's also about talking accountability for your actions.

"I feel like that just really depends on the leaders of this team," running back Josh Jacobs said. "How we come to work tomorrow. How we prepare this week. I think that will set the tone for the locker room."

Failure, the greatest teacher is. We also sure as Hell can’t keep remembering our mistakes after we learn from them.

"You have to have a short-term memory," Jermaine Eluemunor said. "You can be pissed about today, but as soon as you wake up tomorrow, it’s a brand new day, a brand new week and a brand new game week. If you let that linger into the next week, or one more week, by the time you look up you could be 0-4. So be mad about today. Tomorrow, wake up, and it’s on to Tennessee."
I like your philosophy, Lineman. "It’s football, so anything is possible.." He added.

"Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of something exactly like that," Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs said.
Ah, the kids haven’t watched enough Football to see what I have witnessed..heh.

Does anyone feel like Josh Jacobs could of been the key to winning these last couple of games? I’m not sure the new Coaching staff realizes he helped close out a few games in 2021. The star back carried the ball eight times on Sunday’s opening drive, which resulted in the 1-yard touchdown pass from Carr to Adams.

Jacobs ran hard for 33 yards on the drive, which covered 9:38 on the clock. But he got only 11 carries the rest of the way and finished with 19 carries for 69 yards.
I know Josh McDaniels is a pass first/ fast O kind of guy, but I really feel Jacobs is underutilized.

What exactly happened, Josh? What was the main reason for the loss?
"I feel like that’s above my head," said Jacobs, who ran for 69 yards on 19 carries. "It ain’t really my call to make."
Tight End Foster Moreau was also asked if he could put his finger on the problem: "Honestly, no. Especially not seeing the film. To be honest with you, it wouldn’t really be my place. My job’s my job, right? I’m sorry. It sounds like a B.S. answer but … it’s just the truth."
I get it, we all just do our jobs with no ideas about strategy EVER! Bah!
"We did not execute each play with the detail that I think we should have, the way that we did in the first half," said Derek Carr, whose tale of two halves mirrored the team’s dual-faced afternoon. Carr threw for 251 yards and two touchdowns, but only 41 yards came after intermission.
"We have to learn how to win, and that starts with me," Carr said. "It always will. We did not execute each play (in the second half) with the detail we should have and that we did in the first half."

Despite the critical turnover in OT, Teammates came to the defense of Hunter Renfrow. Some days plays just get away from you..
"You have moments in your career where things happen," fellow receiver Mack Hollins said. "What I’ve learned is it’s the guys around you that are going to bring you back. It’s hard to pull yourself off the bottom. So we’ll be there for him."
"Hunter’s a hell of a player," Hollins said. "You all know firsthand how good he is. So be it. He fumbled. To say that’s the reason we lost is ridiculous. It was a 60-minute-plus game. To say one play is the reason? No."

More Questions/ Answers from the Team:

Q: What is your takeaway from the loss?

Josh McDaniels: "First of all, it is two games. Every game is important, so we have a lot of things we’re going to be able to learn from. We have to start learning and winning at the same time; that’s important for us."

Q: Are you worried there will be a lingering effect?

McDaniels: "No, we have a lot of veteran players that have won a lot of games. The reality of the National Football League is that the game is never over until it’s over. They have good coaches and good players, and they’re going to continue to fight and play. We did the same thing last week; we were behind and kind of tried to catch up. I thought that was a theme this week in the NFL. You have to learn to play with the lead, you have to learn to play when you’re behind. It’s not the same feeling on the sideline, but you can’t relax and hope that we have enough. I didn’t sense that we were like that at halftime, but we certainly didn’t coach and play as well as we could have and should have in the second half."

Q: How did backup Center Dylan Parham do?

He did a good job with his communication for the most part," McDaniels said. "I think that’s always number one when you’re playing center. I thought he did a good job of helping set the table for his teammates and tried to play physical and aggressive. (He) had a few things that we’ll be able to coach technique-wise for him to do better, whether it’s protection or in the running game. But I was not disappointed in Dylan Parham at all."

Q: How did QB1 play?

"Derek played fine," McDaniels said. "We have to do better around him in the second half. To put the quarterback in a third-and-long and ask him to overcome it on his own certainly isn’t a good formula for success. In the first half, we played the game basically the way we wanted to. Ahead on the down and distance, and we could be more aggressive because the down and distance were in our favor. But we lost control of that in the second half ." Coach also mentioned this was aa good team we faced, even without DeAndre Hopkins.

"They’re a good defense," McDaniels said. "They’re fast and physical, and they deserve some credit for that, too. But at the end of the day, we have to produce no matter what the defense is doing whether we’re running it or throwing it."

Q: How can you evaluate this loss?
Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby: "There’s going to be ups and downs. But it’s just rough right after the game. Emotions are everywhere, but that’s just a part of it. You can’t dwell on it. We’ll watch the film three or four more times tonight and watch the game copy and do my thing. But that’s just really all you can do. You try to improve from it. We have to play again next week, so you have to flush it and keep getting better."

Q: What exactly happened?

Crosby: "Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like we played really well in the first half. Things just got away. Honestly, I have to watch the game again to kind of understand what went down.

It’s tough. Right after the game, you have a lot of emotions. We just have to watch the film. It’s super frustrating, but you can’t dwell on it. It’s the NFL. (Expletive) happens. You just have to keep improving."

Q: How do you move on from this loss?
Raiders safety Duron Harmon: "It’s a race to improve. We were better than we were last week, we gotta be better next week than we were this week. That’s all it is. How much better can we get over these games. Still a lot of games left. Not in a panic, but there needs to be some urgency."

Q: Does a loss like this hurt more than others? Raiders running back Josh Jacobs: "They all suck. They all sting. I hate losing."

Q: What happened in the second half?

Jacobs: "I feel like we controlled the game in the first half. I feel like we came out and didn’t have the same intensity."

Q: What is the lesson today?

Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs: "It just shows you gotta keep that mentality until all four zeros are on that clock. If not, then there’s the potential you can lose the game. We got to finish. Finish has to be the word of the week."

Q: In the fourth quarter, you took the game into your own hands. Did you think you needed to do that to get the win?

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray: "Yeah. At some point, enough is enough. Again, it is not about the toughness and how hard we play; that’s never the question. It’s just about executing, playing faster, getting our tempo going. You can tell the difference between the first half and second half. They (Raiders defense) definitely got tired; they were winded. The pass rush slowed down a little bit. Obviously, they’ve got two bookends over there, great players. When you are tired and you’re not getting pass rush and you are playing zone, for us that is a recipe for success."

Work on your stamina, Team. Even the opposition knows you have 2nd half issues! If we have to stay after extra minutes after practice so be it! 100 yard sprints start now!

In other news, Kyler Murray got smacked while walking near the End Zone. How dare you accuse Darth?!?!

I would’ve used my saber! (:

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said Monday that he hadn’t seen the video of the alleged altercation.

"I was just told about it," Kingsbury said. "But I think that guy’s a lowlife, whoever did it, and I hope they arrest him, he gets fired and can never go to another game.


Anyone know why Tae Adams only had 2 catches?

Coach Josh McDaniels credited the fierce Arizona defense for some of that.

"They chose to take Davante away a little bit more … than the Chargers did," he said. "That forced the ball to some other people. You saw Mack (Hollins) had some success, Hunter and Darren. The defense gets a vote with whatever they choose to do. We’ve got to be able to produce against it."

Our Head Coach also had a good take on our surprising 0-2 start.

"Every year, every team is different," coach Josh McDaniels said. "Each team has to learn how to do the right things over and over and over again. The teams at the end have go through the process. The two teams (Rams and Bengals) that were in the championship last year are 1-3 (to begin the season). You don’t ever get a pass. You have to go back and earn it again."

Any solutions?

"I think the best way is to try and be consistent with the way you approach each game, win or lose," McDaniels said. "At some point, I’d like to stand up in front of you guys after a win and be the same way as I am now"
He added..

"This one stings. All of them sting when you lose. We’re going to try and do everything we can to change the results."
We haven’t lost faith yet, Coach. It’s still early..

"There’s an art to learning how to finish the game the right way," McDaniels said.

"You want to win every game," said Raiders wide receiver Mack Hollins. "For us, it just means there are more opportunities to play. We’ll try to find the good in it and know we have the next opportunity to put something good on tape."
It’s not like they are not putting in the work already, right?
"We put in a lot of work to prepare for the Cardinals and didn’t get the result we wanted," Hollins said.
You still have to turn the page...
"If it consumes anybody longer than 5 p.m. today, then it’s consuming them too long," Hollins said. "That doesn’t mean they forget about it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know that it happened, that you shouldn’t learn from it. But for it to be this overpowering ‘we’ve got to fix this problem. We gotta win’ and you get blinded in your preparation for the next opponent, that’s when it turns bad."
Focus fast or fail!
"When the film is over, the boohooing and feeling bad for yourself, or whatever people are doing, or feeling mad at yourself, that’s gotta finish," Hollins said. "You need to clear your mind and be prepared to take on a whole bunch of new information on the Titans."

The Defense must aim for a better game and new mindset as well. They knew it would be a long day with Murray and company.
"We were out there for a long time for sure, but that just means we need to do a better job preparing for these situations," said Raiders linebacker Divine Deablo. "(Murray) is a great quarterback. Shifty. Quick. Fast. It was getting harder and harder as time went on." Shoutout to Deablo for grabbing 6 tackles w/ 9 assists!

On the TWENTY SECOND 2 point conversion:
"That play was ridiculous," Raiders linebacker Jayon Brown said.
"I knew that they weren’t going to be able to tackle me," Murray said. "It was just about hopefully backyard football at that point."
I now wished he was hit by a bat..KIDDING!

"You have to finish," said Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs. "I don’t think (being tired) matters. When you step on that field, you know what comes with it. Most teams are tired. That’s football."

At least second-year cornerback Amik Robertson recorded the first interception of his career when he intercepted Kyler Murray late in the second quarter.

"It felt great at the time, but I’m the kind of guy who is very competitive, so the most important thing to me is a win," he said. "That’s all I wanted."

"I think it was a very special moment, " he said. "I think the last time I touched the football on an interception was in college. I was a ball-hawk, one of those guys who always knew I could play this game. I think that moment probably came with a lot of emotions because it’s been awhile. I was due for a moment like that. I think overall it was a very special memory."


ON 2 THE NEXT!!! Our next battle is in Tennessee in a matter of days! Please turn your emotions, dwelling thought bubbles and sadness OFF! We’re still in search of our FIRST win so let’s re-focus and bring these so called Titans PAIN! Sack Tannehill! Contain Henry!!! Most importantly? FINISH OR I’M COMING AFTER YOU LIKE OBI WAN!!!! jkjk GO RAIDERS!!!!!