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Raiders Podcast: TDL Instant Reaction Week 2 vs the Cardinals

The guys react to the ugly loss in Las Vegas

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders ruined their home opener with an ugly loss to the Arizona Cardinals. The team is now 0-2 on the year and hoping to find answers to the issue they are facing.

While the offense got off to a fast start but could not keep their foot on the Raiders got a field goal on five possessions in the second half while stalling the last 30 minutes of play.

Tape Don’t Lie the reactions to all the actions. Matt Holder and I discuss our initial thoughts on the horrible loss and what the Raiders can do moving forward.

The defense can’t be let off the hook after giving up a 20-point lead in the second half. They allow their foot on the gas as well. We discuss the coaching methods on both sides of the ball and what happened.

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