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Silver Minings: Derek Carr part of elite quarterback class

This stat can’t be denied

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Derek Carr has been a polarizing NFL quarterback beyond the Las Vegas Raiders’ fan base.

Over the course of the past eight seasons, opinions on the Raiders’ quarterback have varied through the NFL and the Raiders’ 0-2 start this year isn’t ending the Carr debates, Sure, he is not perfect and yes, he has never won a playoff game, but the guy has made an impact in the league, a big impact.

Check out this recent tweet from CBS:

Yes, Carr has thrown the third most yardage through the first eight years of his career. That’s pretty significant and impressive.

So, anytime someone wants to downgrade Carr, this stat is proof that he has had a productive career with pretty more of yardage production to come.

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