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Raiders Podcast: Raiders Week 2 vs. Arizona Cardinals review

Review of the collapse last Sunday

Arizona Cardinals cornerback

The Las Vegas Raiders are behind the rest of the AFC west after an 0-2 start. Everything that could go wrong happened in an ugly blown lead after up to 20-0 on the Arizona Cardinals.

Tape Don’t Lie, ready to review the matchup and what happened during the collapse. We cover the offensive and defensive sides of football, where both sides have equal parts in the failure.

The offense could not get the ball moving in the second half, and I explored the reasons for the offense. Josh Jacobs made up for a lousy run-blocking day by the offensive line and found why Davante Adams should get the football.

The defense was outcoached and did not adjust quickly to the adjustments made by Kliff Kingsbury. It led to a 23-3 second half, where the reason was most of the matchup on the field.

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