Well, I bought the cherry flavored strychnine just in case, but being optimistic I won't be using any of it.

In actuality, though the team has been frustrating to watch they could be 3-0-0. Five point loss to the Chargers, a near blow-out that spun out of control and ended up a loss and staking the Titans to a big lead and shutting them down in the second half with enough opportunities to have gotten the victory.

Is it ineffective coaching? Personnel? Playbook comprehension? We as fans can jump on all the negatives and let's face it, we can watch the game and say, "Oh, this is what they should do; this is the right play to call; he's the reason for the loss..." on and on it goes.

As fans we are fickle and change our sports thoughts and mindset of likes and dislikes quicker than a pothead eating up all the Snickers in the house. We don't know s**t about what goes on in the locker room, but it's fun and enjoyable to criticize and beat-up on the team when it looks like they are going into the handbasket heading straight to hell.

Since 1965 I've been a Raider fan and I've never cared what players make, what the cap is or how to save money with cuts and trades. It's not my world, not my career not anything for me to worry about.

I will always watch the Raiders, win or lose, good or bad and over the last +20 years it's been any fan's emotional nightmare. But, after the game our lives continue and that's the story. I don't wring my hands, cry, moan or scream after a loss and I don't jump on the parade boat and shout "Hallelujah" and praise when they win.

The NFL loves parity, right. The more teams with chances create more fan interest. KC as of this day is only 2-1-0 as is Denver; the Chargers 1-2-0 and the Raiders are 0-3-0.

Fourteen more games to go and anything can happen.