Raiders Can't Seem to Get it Together...

Las Vegas Raiders fans were left frustrated after the team's latest loss. Many had high hopes for the season, but it seems that they are falling short once again. Some are calling for the head coach to be fired, while others are calling for a change in players. It was a heartbreaking 24-22 loss against the Tennessee Titans last Sunday.

On their Sunday's loss, it makes them 0-3 record, the only NFL team not off to good start, which, according to ESPN Stats & Information research, records the fewest teams to lose their first three games of a season since 1959, when the Detroit Lions were the only 0-3 team.

There are many reasons for the Las Vegas Raiders loss. One of the main reasons is their lack of offense. They have not been able to score many points this season, which has put a lot of pressure on their defense. Another reason is that their quarterback, Derek Carr, has not been playing well. He has been making a lot of mistakes and has not been very accurate with his throws. If the Raiders want to start winning games, they need to fix these problems. They already used seven variety of combinations on the offensive line, and still not enough to give them a win.

It is also possible that the problem was the transitional aspect in their team since they let Bisaccia and general manager Mike Mayock bring in Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler, who are supposed to be an upgrade for the Raiders and owner Mark Davis. Raiders are stumbling over themselves while it's like the team is still in transition, rather than a playoff-tested lineup.

According to Carr, his teammates are working hard to do their job. To have better chemistry with them, you have to go around with them. But still, Carr criticize and pointed out the bad practice habits of his teammates.

Raiders receiver Davante Adams said that it's fine to be frustrated, as long as you find ways around it, when he was asked about his team's 0-3 start. He also said that they have to do it in the right way during their practices because if not, they can't expect it can go right either in actual game. They have to convince every individual in the team to do better every time. They thought they had a good week but still they lack on certain areas that need attention and need to be addressed, so it doesn't become an issue during the game.

When he was asked if he was more disappointed or angry with the loss and 0-3 start, he said that he is both disappointed and angry. That's normal. It's not the end of the world to be disappointed. He thinks that anybody should not be happy or content with their loss. He knows his teammates. They might be good in paper, but it does not mean they are going to be great as a team.

According to Crosby, they were so close to get that win. They were doing just fine in their runs but didn't end up finishing for a win. Yet, he thinks this turn of events a positive thing for them, even though it's really hard to think about it as if the world is closing in. Its either you going to sink or swim.

As McDaniels reminds often in training camp, the Raiders had to train themselves how to be a winner thus, focusing on offense to make up on aspects they missed. He added that they have to learn how to play in full 60 minutes and set their mark to achieve the right for winning.

I don't normally condone the use of steroid supplements in sports, but maybe the Raiders should get on some type of performance enhancements to give them an edge.

Then again, who wants to turn out like former Raiders player Lyle Alzado did when he passed away in his 40's over anabolic substance abuse?