Proven commodities

Devante Adams - arguably the BEST WR in the NFL and has shown it for his entire 9 year career -- PROVEN COMMODITY

Josh McDaniels - 6 rings and prolific offensive production spanning 20+ years in New England, Denver (just bad HC stint, but offense was good), and Rams with arguably terrible QBs play yet still good offense -- PROVEN COMMODITY.

Derek Carr - 9 years, can't come off his 1st read, can't move around in the pocket, consistently throws into double/triple coverage, can't find the open target -- PROVEN COMMODITY

There you have it. We have proven commodities at the most important positions on the offense. Yet, the QB is the only proven one that gets the ball to the playmakers (or in Carr's case DOESN'T get the ball to the playmakers).

Adams and McDaniels have proven success and Carr has proven failure. If you look at anything as to why we are 0-3, it's NOT the HC or #1WR that EVERY Carr-boy was saying "that's all he needs is a true #1 WR". The problem lies with the 9 year veteran QB that has had zero success and has not developed into a good QB. We could get similar or better production from the QB position for $4million vs the $40 million we are paying Carr. Dump him, build the team, and plug in a new option at QB with a solid team around them. Maybe that QB will be good, elite, or terrible/Carr. But at least we'll have the full TEAM built and can eliminate that excuse from the Carr-boy excuse train.