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Raiders podcast: TDL review of Week 3 vs the Titans

TDL reviews all the action from the all-22

Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to get their first win vs. the Broncos this weekend after an 0-3 start. The season couldn't begin any worse and hopefully can avoid 0-4.

However, it is Tape Don't lie, ready to review the film and discuss what happened vs. the Titans. The loss was full of execution mistakes in what could have been another win for the Raiders they couldn't pull out.

What were the issues on defense? BD Williams takes a deep dive into all the areas the defense struggled, giving three touchdowns on the first three possessions. Plus, what is going on with the linebackers and the struggles of Divine Deablo?

I look at the offense and the performance of Mack Hollins that Davante Adams's target share has overshadowed. Hollins put himself on the map, and I noted how he could take advantage of one-on-one opportunities.

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