The Expectations, The Games and The Fans

In 2014, Reggie Mckenzie drafted Derek Carr with the intention of grooming him to be the Raiders future quarterback. Seeing as how the previous season the Raiders were rotating Tyrelle Pryor and Matt Mcgloin in as starters. Those years were part of the dark year era where the Raiders were trying to rebuild and fix the salary cap. Then we signed Matt Schaub to be the veteran bridge quarterback and Carr learned up under him. It was against the San Diego Chargers where I realized we had something with Carr we didn't have with other Raider QB's in past seasons ( A QB with a live arm and some heart). He nearly won that game if it weren't for Jason Everett intercepting the bullet Carr threw deep in the left corner just in front of the endzone. Now here we are 9 years and 3.5 weeks later and he's still our starting quarterback. We've all seen the best and worst play from Carr through the years, we've defended him, cheered for him and got pissed at him but yet we all still held onto the belief that he was going to mature as the starter for this team and ascend to, eventually being an elite level quarterback.

However, 9 years and 3.5 weeks later I'm starting to see some of the same things I saw when he first came in. No he didn't throw an interception he actually made smart passes, but we're not scoring. You've got a decent defense that is actually getting crucial turnovers in the game to help you get another opportunity to score. From where I'm sitting this is hands down the best offense Derek Carr has ever had since joining this team. So here's a few things Derek Carr needs to do to start winning games:

1. This "Good Guy" reputation you have amongst your teammates, save that shit for after the game. It's not helping you on game day, players make crucial mistakes like dropped passes and you don't get off in their ass about. Demand your respect at all times, fuck how your teammates feel curse em out!

2. Push the pace regardless of what the defense is doing. Do it movin, the best QB's drive their teams downfield no matter what and SCORE. Scores give your defense life, what you're doing is like a Heart surgeon giving a transplant patient hope only to disappoint him with bad news.

3. During the game "Show NO Love", the other team is not worthy of respect, Stop playing just good enough and show some Heart.

Oh and to Josh McDaniels, This ain't the Patriots, this the Raiders, understand nobody likes you now, you need to be heartless and beat these teams cause as you can see you're going to have to get your wins the hard way now. Learn to win at all cost or watch how fast you'll eventually get Fired (When the run works just keep doing it until they stop you)

I'll be watching ....Stop Bullshitin...Raider Nation out!!