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AFC West mix tape breakdown

A review of September

Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans
Maxx Crosby
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

We held our monthly AFC West Mix Tape, featuring the editors of each SB Nation site, Friday.

We broke down September play in different categories. Let’s take a look:

One word:

Our host, Pete Sweeney, asked us to describe our team’s start to the season in one word. My word: Stunning. What else would it be, ridiculous maybe? No one expected the Raiders to start 0-3 and be the only 0-3 team in the NFL headed into October. So, stunning is a fitting description to Las Vegas’ start to the season.

September MVP:

Maxx Crosby has been the Raiders’ best player. He is just so consistent. Crosby is electric as a pass-rusher and he is underrated as a run stopper. A top 10 defensive player in the NFL, at the very least.

Broncos preview:

I think they key to this game will be the Raiders’ offense against Denver’s defense. The Broncos’ defense has been excellent and we know the Raiders’ offense has been shaky to say the least. The Raiders’ defense and Broncos’ offense has also been lacking. if the Raiders can get to Denver’s defense, they should win this game.

October prediction:

We were asked to predict the Raiders’ record when we next do our AFC West Mix Tape on October 28. I said 2-4 with them beating the Broncos and Houston Texans after the bye on October 23 and losing at Kansas City in Week 5. A 2-4 record wouldn’t be great, but it’s much better than 0-3. We shall see.