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Silver Minings: Former NFL coach is not a fan of way Raiders handled Derek Carr situation

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith criticizes the Raiders for for Carr saga.

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Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Derek Carr
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

The Derek Carr saga with the Las Vegas Raiders caught the attention of the entire NFL community.

It’s not often that an established quarterback leaves the team during the season, setting the stage for his departure from the franchise all together during the offseason. But that was the case in Las Vegas with the Raiders and Carr.

While the situation was complicated, there were various opinions on how the team handled it. Count former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith among those were were not impressed by the way the Raiders handled the situation. Smith said this to The BallFather Podcast on Sportskeeda.

“They made a business decision. It wasn’t a skill set decision. It’s not a good look for the Raiders. And it’s really not a good look for the NFL, but more and more people will be doing that in the future. When they made this decision, the Raiders were not eliminated from the possibility of making the playoffs.

“They’d just signed him to a $121 million contract for three years. That’s 40 million-a-year. What happened in seven months is that they lost games in unbelievable ways... Somehow they must have come to the conclusion that they needed to move on from Derek Carr.”

Again, everyone has an opinion on this. But the bottom line is, it happened and now both the team and the player appear ready to move on.

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