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Reviewing your comments on the teams who hate to lose to the most

Lots of Chiefs’ hate here

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Andy Reid, Josh McDaniels
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Our Tuesday community question this week was what team do you most hate losing to.

There were several answers, but it seemed like there were more Kansas City Chiefs loathers than most. I get it. They’ve won seven straight AFC West titles and five straight against the Raiders.

Here are some of your answers:

Dafe2cat said:

KC top of the list

Rdesai.777 said:

I’ve always hated the chiefs the most, even when they sucked. Not because I considered the team some kind of threat, but because their fans are the most racist inbred dickholes I’ve ever met. FuKC the chiefs, especially their fans.

Looper_Guy said:

Chiefs...because they are the Chiefs. But losing to the 49ers always unleashes a torrent of texts from my family and friends that love reminding me that they consider Raiders fan’s 2nd class citizens.

TarheelRaider said:

Steelers—those games have usually mattered, since the two teams have followed similar up and down cycles. So when the Raiders lose to them it stinks, this year’s Christmas fiasco being the latest.

WH-Rooks said:

Any team not wearing our logo.

If my life depended on one team only, it’s the Patriots. I’m local to them and am tired of them. Also, it seems like they’re a team that has too often come out ahead of trades or released players with us. So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of watching Jones truck Jones to steal a win from a team that’s typically stolen from us.