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Silver Minings: Raiders get $6.7 million of extra cap space

More money on the way

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Dave Ziegler
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With the Las Vegas Raiders season officially over, it’s time to start looking into the offseason and free agency. That means “cap space” will be everyone’s favorite word around the NFL for the next couple of months, and ESPN’s Field Yates shared how much of each team’s unused 2022 cap space will roll into 2023, and the Raiders are in line for a big boost.

According to Yates, Las Vegas will get just shy of a $6.7 million bump this season which is the fifth-most in the league. already projected the Silver and Black to have a little more than $21 million in cap space and that’s with Derek Carr’s big contract on the books. So, general manager Dave Ziegler and company will have quite a bit of dough to play with.

That could make bringing back running back Josh Jacobs much more feasible, but the question remains of what the Raiders are going to do at quarterback. They’ll want to have more cash on hand if they want to bring in a proven veteran passer, which could put them back to square one on what to do with Jacobs.

The team’s defense also needs to be addressed too, so there are plenty of ways that Ziegler can spend this new influx of cash. We’ll just have to wait until March and see what happens.

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